Goon Avatar History Button Userscript

You can use this userscript to make it easier to check people's avatar history with your web browser (not the app though).

It adds a link in two places. One, under everyone's avatar:

And at the top of everyone's control panel page as seen here:

When you click the links they will take you to this site and will show the user's avatar history.

The control panel link is especially useful for finding avatars of people on probation.

If those links are faded out, that means you can't look up the user's avatar history so don't bother trying. Unless you are looking for pre-2010 avatars then you can search by username.

Tested with Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers:


First install Tampermonkey or some other addon that runs userscripts. Then install this script: Goon Avatar History Button.user.js
(v1.001 posted November 8th, 2021)

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